1640 Hunter Road
Gruene, Texas 78130
 (830) 625-7122

1640 Hunter Road
Gruene, Texas 78130
 (830) 625-7122


About Verbena Soap Company

Verbena Soap Company is a family-owned-and-operated business located Gruene, Texas. We manufacture and sell a wide range of bath and beauty essentials made from only the finest natural ingredients.

(830) 625-7122

How We Started

Back in 2004, the company’s founder was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma. Unfazed by the sickness, they started researching about natural products that were safe for the skin. Through this newfound knowledge, they started to create organic bath products that helped ease thier condition. the owners wanted to share these products to a wider customer base that may have need for them, and thus Verbena Soap Company was officially born.

All-Natural Bath Products

Verbena Soap Company offers organic bath products for the entire family, including your dog. These bath essentials use only the highest quality oils that effectively nourish the skin. We take great pains in making sure that only natural ingredients are used in our products because we believe that the skin is the body’s first line of defense against any harmful attacking agents.

Wide Variety

The most popular products in our lineup are our soaps, but we also offer other items such as shampoos, bath salts, and more. They come in 200 different fragrances. The scents we use come from pure unadulterated essential oils, as well as paraben-free and phthalate-free safe synthetics.

High Quality

The items we sell are all of high-quality standards. They effectively moisturize your skin and soften your hair. They also produce high foam volume and have a silky feel to give you that luxury bath experience without the artificial additives. Moreover, our products are known for providing curative treatment for inflammatory skin conditions. Even our dog shampoos are pH-balanced to protect your pet’s skin.
Bath Products – Bath Products
Organic Spa Essentials Available:

• Soaps
• Shampoos
• Lotions
• Bath Oils
• Bath Salts
• Bath Scrubs
• Dog Shampoos

Natural Ingredients Used:

• Avocado Oil
• Shea Oil
• Castile Olive Oil
• Carrot Seed Oil • Organic Honey
• Coco Butter
• Aloe Vera • Vitamin A
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin K

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